Appletec is a leading Israeli distributor of electronics, optical components, and value-added services to the communications, industrial/medical, and defense markets. Appletec delivers:

  • The right solution
  • By the right people
  • Selected from the right suppliers
  • At the right price to meet your need

Appletec Israel Rep for Tabula 
Tabula manufactures High density Programmable logic Solutions that are faster in operation and programming and have performance capabilities unmatched by FPGAs. Its new 3PLD family based on Intel 22nm process featuring 3-D Tri-Gate transistors will deliver performance solutions requiring high bandwidth data flows. 


Telecom Optics
Fiber optic assemblies, lasers, MUX/DMUX, ... >>
Industrial Optics
Cameras, objectives, lenses, mirrors per spec , LEDs, ... >>
IC Components
Home automation & security, telecom solutions, ...>>

Passive Components
Telecom/datacom magnetics solutions,...>>
Mechanical Solutions
Molded metal & plastic, precision-machined parts,...>>
Power Supplies
Medical imaging, nuclear medicine, defense,... >>
We are committed to going 'beyond the catalog' to meet our customers' needs. We call our approach ‘integrated solutions’ because we start with defining a specific customer need, then integrating whatever products, services, or other means are necessary to find the best solution to that need. Read More >>